Direct Selling Uberization: How to Make It Easy for Distributors to Build their Business

The rules of engaging distributors and customers have changed.

In the previous article, we’ve already discussed the two determining trends that define the success of the direct selling industry today and in the years to come. Now we’re going to dive into the question of how direct selling companies can tap into these two trends – the necessity to facilitate personalized paths for distributors and a data-driven buying experience – and turn them into actions using the right tools.

AI-driven performance enablement tools reimagine distributors’ success

Personalized experiences are in the hands of smart technology. AI and ML are gradually finding their way into all aspects of our lives, and it’s not surprising that the business world is also impacted. The McKinsey Global Institute study found out that companies have invested $40 billion in AI-enabled technologies to improve their business results and address any disruptions early on in the world of constant changes. 

So how can direct selling companies leverage these smart technologies to improve distributor experience? How can the right tools help direct selling companies successfully compete with the gig economy?

The first thing that direct selling companies should do is take care of their countless data on distributors by turning it into valuable, actionable insights. Let us share how Rallyware helps global DS organizations tame data and make it work for their benefit.

Personalized, data-driven onboarding

Even with a large distributed volunteer workforce, you still can engage with every single distributor on a deep, personal level and provide business opportunities relevant to each individual’s goals. How? For the first time in the history of direct selling, Rallyware’s data-driven smart platform has enabled DS companies to identify the goals and needs of every distributor early on to provide the best personalized experience and help them succeed. Personalized paths for all. 

Think of it this way: Jill wants to become a distributor at a direct selling company that focuses on organic hair care products. She doesn’t have any prior experience in sales and works full-time as a swimming coach. She has been using the company’s products for some time and, as a satisfied customer, advised her friends to use them as well to strengthen their hair and make it shiny. This is when Jill understood that she could earn some extra cash this way to help her younger sister with college payments. But how can she fit her side gig into her full-time job and busy schedule?

Having this background information about Jill paired together with other distributors’ performance data, the Rallyware system develops a data-driven, personalized path to success specifically for Jill starting from Day 1. So, what will Jill’s experience be like?

  1. Smooth onboarding tied to an individual’s needs and goals.

Upon joining a company, Jill won’t get a thick training manual to get the hang of it on her own. Instead, every triggered training and business activity will be tied to closing Jill’s knowledge and/or skills gaps to help her achieve goals from Day 1. In other words, right in Jill’s pocket will be a virtual mobile assistant to help her navigate through her first days and throughout her time with a company. 

  1. Just-in-time support and personal guidelines.

Jill doesn’t have to sacrifice her time for training if it’s smoothly integrated into the fabric of her everyday routine. Not only will she receive micro-targeted learning and business activities, but her virtual assistant will also anticipate what Jill needs before she knows it. This way, Jill will know how and when to do what kind of activities, be it learning or building her business. Other than that, hands-on microlearning activities will ensure a better retention of information be it sales tips, product updates, regulations, or compensation plan details.

  1. Rewards aligned to each individual’s preferences.

The Rallyware analytics engine can be used to provide rewards that are far more relevant and satisfying to Jill and at the same time drive the desired behavior. By analyzing years of aggregated data and developing more and more patterns, the system prescribes the most suitable rewards at the right time to encourage the right behavior. Such data-driven gamification supports Jill from her first steps, offering immediate recognition for her efforts and keeping her level of engagement high.

The result? Jill stays active, engaged, and productive since every activity is time- and effort-optimized as well as aligned with her goals.

Customized data-driven business building tools

The Rallyware Performance Enablement Platform can benefit not only your distributors. When predictive analytics is supported by the right ML-based tools, you can provide your customers and prospects with personalized experiences and also predict their future behavior. How exactly is this possible?

By bringing all granular data together and feeding it into the system, you get a clear picture of behavioral and purchasing patterns. This is when smart notifications come into play, as they make these patterns actionable for every distributor. For example, every member of your field can receive personalized reminders about who might buy what kind of product at what point in time. This enables distributors to deliver a consistently personalized buying experience and improve customer satisfaction.

Perhaps Laura buys an organic toothpaste every four or five weeks. The system sends a notification to one of your distributors with the message, “Don’t forget to tell Laura about a 70% discount on natural bamboo toothbrushes when buying two tubes of organic toothpaste.” In addition, your distributor gets a 3-minute long video with the best tips on how to brush teeth the right way and what common mistakes people make. Besides cool discounts on relevant products, Laura will also get useful tips, now seeing your distributors as subject matter experts.

With a data-driven performance enablement solution, you will not only give your distributors personalized paths to success that make it easier to run their own businesses but also strengthen your competitive ability by delivering customized offers and tips to your customers.

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