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Meet our team

George Co-Founder & CEO
Mykhaylo Co-Founder & CPO
Simon Chief Strategy Officer
Gary CTO
Dan SVP of Sales
Richard VP of Sales Mid Market
Oleg VP of Engineering
Rich VP of Business Development
Trace Director of Strategic Sales
John Director of Strategic Accounts
Teresa Director of Global Sales Development
Vadim Director of Customer Experience
Victoria Head of Operations
Liza Head of Marketing & Analytics
Logan Head of Finance
Vitaliy Head of Design
Kaiser Head Product Management
Christopher Head of Product,Myagi
Victoria Head of HR
Igor Head of Engineering Myagi
Denis Technical Architect
Artem Engineering Manager
Oleksandr Mobile Tech Lead
Oksana QA Tech Lead
Pavel DevOps Tech Lead
Sergey Backend Tech Lead
Yevhenii Frontend Tech Lead
Denys QA Team Lead
Daniel Tech Implementation Lead
Konstantin Squad Lead / Backend Engineer
Oleksandra Support Team Lead
Serhii Squad Lead / Backend Engineer
Volodymyr DevOps Team Lead
Igor Squad Lead / Backend Engineer
Alec Content Writer
Aleksandr iOS Engineer
Aleksandrs Scrum Master
Alex Frontend Engineer
Alexander Android Engineer
Alexey Associate Product Manager
Aline Customer Success Associate
Alona Frontend Engineer
Amy Product Designer (UI)
Anastasiia Technical Project Manager
Anastasiia UX/UI Designer
Anastasiia Test Engineer
Anastasiia Lead Development Representative
Andrii Technical Writer
Anna Configurations Specialist
Anna Customer Success Associate
Anna Marketing Specialist
Anton iOS Engineer
Anton Test Engineer
Artem Test Engineer
Artiom Sales Development Representative
Austin HR Manager
Azamat Software Engineer
Benjamin Account Manager
Birger Account Manager
Bogdan Technical Project Manager
Cecile Product Manager
César Augusto Support Manager
Chris Customer Success Manager
Daniil UX/UI Designer
Daniil Software Engineer
Davide Account Executive
Denis Test Engineer
Dmitry QA Engineer
Dmytro UX/UI Designer
Dmytro Technical Project Manager
Elisa Customer Success Manager
Erwan Global CS Manager
Eugene iOS Engineer
Evhen Lead QA Automation Engineer
Horacio Backend Engineer
Ievgen Frontend Engineer
Ihor Program Manager
Illia Backend Engineer
Iryna Configurations Specialist
Ivan BI Data Analyst
Ivan Automation QA Engineer
Janine Account Executive
Jessica Content Writer
Jose Antonio Customer Success Associate
Joseph Сustomer Success Manager
Julian Technical Lead
Karolin Data Analyst
Kate HR Manager
Kate Operations Analyst
Katerina Lead Customer Success Associate
Kateryna Customer Success Manager
Kateryna Marketing Specialist
Kathleen Customer Success Manager
Kevin Product Manager
Kostiantyn Customer Success Associate
Kristin Customer Success Manager
Kristina Data Analyst
Kseniia Associate Product Manager
Kyrylo Test Engineer
Lauryn Sales Development Representative
Luiza Technical Project Manager
Maksym Automation QA Engineer
Mariana Сustomer Success Manager
Mariana Customer Success Manager
Mariia Operations Analyst
Marija Product Manager
Maxim DevOps Engineer
Michael Android Engineer
Michael Global Customer Operations Manager
Michael Product Manager
Miguel Global Marketing Manager
Mushfiqah QA Engineer
Mykhailo Backend Engineer
Mykhailo Test Engineer
Natalia Customer Success Associate
Nazarii Sales Development Representative
Nicole Support Executive
Nik Lead Configurations Specialist
Nikita Collaboration Assistant
Nirdosh Software Engineer
Oleg Frontend Engineer
Oleksandr Customer Success Associate
Olena Frontend Engineer
Oliver Customer Success Manager
Olga HR Manager
Pavlo Technical Project Manager
Platon Backend Engineer
Polina Data Analyst
Rebecca Campaign Manager
Resham Sales Development Representative
Rutchel Support Executive
Seth Product Marketing Manager
Simon Backend Engineer
Serena Product Designer
Sergey QA Engineer
Sergey QA Engineer
Serhii Backend Engineer
Serhii Frontend Engineer
Serhii System Admin
Serhii Backend Engineer
Shannon Product Operations Manager
Sharine Customer Success Manager
Stanislav Technical Lead
Stefan Sales Development Representative
Taras Frontend Engineer
Taras QA Engineer
Tatyana Sales Demo Engineer
Tetiana Sales Development Representative
Tolulope Software Engineer
Vadym Data Engineer
Vadym Android Engineer
Valerii Frontend Engineer
Vaniessa Test Engineer
Veronika HR Assistant
Veronika Support Manager
Victoria Technical Project Manager
Viktoria Software Engineer
Viktoriya Customer Success Manager
Vitalii Support Manager
Vladislav Test Engineer
Vladislav Test Engineer
Vladislav Technical Lead
Wiktoria Global Services Manager
Yana Product Manager
Yana Product Manager
Yevhen Support Manager
Yevheniia Sales Demo Engineer
Yuliia Test Engineer
Yurii Test Engineer
Yurii Backend Engineer
Yurii DevOps Engineer
Zlata Lead Development Representative
Meet Rallyware
Meet Rallyware

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