Performance Enablement Platform

Supercharging remote and distributed workforces

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Performance Enablement Platform

Delivering the right activity at the right time to the right individual

For companies with large distributed workforces, the Rallyware Performance Enablement Platform (PEP) drives the success of each and every individual at scale. By prescribing and predicting personalized just-in-time activities for individuals, the PEP guides them towards success.

+ 25%
faster onboarding
+ 47%
improved workforce engagement
+ 32%
increased workforce productivity
+ 43%
higher retention

01A data-driven onboarding experience that delivers clear ROI

By analyzing each individual's live performance data and identifying their knowledge and skill gaps, Rallyware offers personalized paths to success through just-in-time training and business activities, driving their performance growth.

A data-driven onboarding experience that delivers clear ROI

02Customizable engagement programs that drive performance and retention

Rallyware offers various types of engagement programs for different scenarios and environments to motivate and engage your workforce. These programs are based on the industries' best practices and allow your workforce to enjoy quick wins at every step of their journey.

Customizable engagement programs that drive performance and retention

03Segmentation that helps to scale personalized experience

By segmenting your learning and continuous growth initiatives with Rallyware, you turn training into a scalable, collaborative network that improves workforce performance through targeted activities, communication boards, and other collaborative tools and features.

Segmentation that helps to scale personalized experience

04Social learning that enables feedback and peer support

Social learning brings together all the distributed team members to help them learn through interaction, feedback on their activities, and peer coaching. This way, your workforce gets timely support and stays connected with other members while being autonomous at the same time.

Social learning that enables feedback and peer support

05Collaboration tools that facilitate knowledge sharing

With Rallyware, companies enable seamless collaboration between all members, connecting HQ, regional offices and remote workforce, no matter where they are. A set of collaboration tools such as a Digital Library allows users to easily upload and share content with designated access levels to support your distributed workforce 24/7.

Collaboration tools that facilitate knowledge sharing

06Robust analytics suite that unveils real-time insights into the workforce success

Rallyware analytics suite provides a wide range of real-time insights into training effectiveness, showing the connection between learning activities and individual performance, engagement, retention, and other business KPIs.

Robust analytics suite that unveils real-time insights into the workforce success

Featured customers


“It has been one of the highlights of my career to work with Rallyware and build Strong Start into the great tool it is for our sales force. Thank you for your partnership and for the creativity you always bring to the table.”

Andre Valdivia
Andre Valdivia
Field Support Manager, Mary Kay

“I truly enjoyed working with the team at Rallyware. They proved to be incredibly reliable, accessible, and fun. I look forward to collaborating with them again in the future.”

Katie Davies
Katie Davies
Corporate Sustainability & Communications, Samsung

“Rallyware became for us an out-of-box solution with the features we were seeking, namely, brand customization, a level of gamification, leaderboards, API data integration, AI options, journey mapping, communication options and impressive reporting mechanisms.”

Kim Welling
Kim Welling
Instructional Design, Training & Operations, Nu Skin Enterprises

“We presented the Success Hub to our Ambassadors at our weekend conference and everyone was incredibly excited. Thank you and the whole Rallyware team! We’re so grateful to be partnering with you on this important project.”

Nancy Traversy
Nancy Traversy
CEO and Co-founder, Barefoot Books

“Rallyware allows people to start training immediately.  It also allows people to start and stop at their own pace and take their training with them on their phone wherever their busy life takes them.”

Roger Morgan
Roger Morgan
CEO, pawTree

“The benefit of the Rallyware platform is that it allows to easily manage content on the fly to keep the trainings up-to-date. The content management process is very straight-forward.”

Sue Parker
Sue Parker
Learning and Development Manager, New Avon

“Rallyware is fun. You don’t even have to call it training. I would tell any direct sales company, the easier and more intuitive you can make it, the more successful you’ll be.”

Tami VanHoy
Tami VanHoy
Director of Field Development, pawTree

“Rallyware is known as the best training platform in the direct sales world and beyond. We knew that to have a competitive edge and trailblazing tech, we needed the best. That is what we found with Rallyware. Their programing and customer support teams have been phenomenal.”

Jessica Hoy
Jessica Hoy
Executive Project Manager, Tori Belle


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