Performance Enablement Platform

Drive revenue by triggering the most effective sales force behaviors

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Performance Enablement Platform

The all-in-one app for the distributed workforce.

To drive revenues in the digital age, empower your workforce with just the right tools. Rallyware puts smart technology in the palms of their hands to drive results from the bottom up

+ 25%
faster onboarding
+ 47%
improved workforce engagement
+ 32%
increased workforce productivity
+ 43%
higher retention

01Personalized Learning & Development

Give the workforce access to the L&D content they need at the very moment it will be the most useful for them. Customize and configure your company’s learning content, and then let Rallyware’s data-based rules and recommendations engine distribute the content that will help each individual achieve their fullest potential, based on their needs and goals, and drive your company’s KPIs.

Personalized Learning & Development

02Smart Incentives & Recognition

Promote high-performance behaviors in the workforce with automated I&R tools that are as easy to set up and launch as they are to use. Incentivize your teams’ wins with goal-based progress-visualization widgets and personalized next tasks to complete to reach their KPIs. Each person is different: make work matter for them, their way, automatically.

Smart Incentives & Recognition

03Intelligent Opportunity Management

Ensure the workforce retains customers once they get them using customer communication tools, automated to-dos, campaign workflows, and other smart features. Rallyware helps secure a constantly growing buyer base while developing relationships with existing customers.

Intelligent Opportunity Management

Featured customers


“It has been one of the highlights of my career to work with Rallyware and build Strong Start into the great tool it is for our sales force. Thank you for your partnership and for the creativity you always bring to the table.”

Andre Valdivia
Andre Valdivia
Field Support Manager, Mary Kay

“I truly enjoyed working with the team at Rallyware. They proved to be incredibly reliable, accessible, and fun. I look forward to collaborating with them again in the future.”

Katie Davies
Katie Davies
Corporate Sustainability & Communications, Samsung

“Rallyware became for us an out-of-box solution with the features we were seeking, namely, brand customization, a level of gamification, leaderboards, API data integration, AI options, journey mapping, communication options and impressive reporting mechanisms.”

Kim Welling
Kim Welling
Instructional Design, Training & Operations, Nu Skin Enterprises

“We presented the Success Hub to our Ambassadors at our weekend conference and everyone was incredibly excited. Thank you and the whole Rallyware team! We’re so grateful to be partnering with you on this important project.”

Nancy Traversy
Nancy Traversy
CEO and Co-founder, Barefoot Books

“Rallyware allows people to start training immediately.  It also allows people to start and stop at their own pace and take their training with them on their phone wherever their busy life takes them.”

Roger Morgan
Roger Morgan
CEO, pawTree

“The benefit of the Rallyware platform is that it allows to easily manage content on the fly to keep the trainings up-to-date. The content management process is very straight-forward.”

Sue Parker
Sue Parker
Learning and Development Manager, New Avon

“Rallyware is fun. You don’t even have to call it training. I would tell any direct sales company, the easier and more intuitive you can make it, the more successful you’ll be.”

Tami VanHoy
Tami VanHoy
Director of Field Development, pawTree

“Rallyware is known as the best training platform in the direct sales world and beyond. We knew that to have a competitive edge and trailblazing tech, we needed the best. That is what we found with Rallyware. Their programing and customer support teams have been phenomenal.”

Jessica Hoy
Jessica Hoy
Executive Project Manager, Tori Belle


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