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01Personalized Enablement Activities

Empower your sales force with the most relevant activities, delivered precisely when needed. Go beyond customized sales training, ensuring that each seller receives the right sales enablement tasks throughout each step of their journey.

Personalized Enablement Activities

02Incentives to Fuel Engagement and Drive Results

Inspire sellers to achieve more, with progress visualization and smart gamification. Clearly outline the steps sellers need to take to reach their goals, and help them get there.

Incentives to Fuel Engagement and Drive Results

03Customer Relationship Building & Management

Equip sellers with modern clienteling tools, offering recommended actions for acquiring new clients and nurturing relationships to build at scale meaningful and lasting relationships.

Customer Relationship Building & Management

04Targeted and Trackable Communications

Maintain consistent and timely messaging. Deliver key corporate information, compliance rules, best selling practices, product updates and more, with trackable communications linked to actionable follow-up tasks.

Targeted and Trackable Communications

05All-in-One Seller Enablement Interface

Consolidate all essential seller tools into one place for peak productivity. Deliver an engaging experience, providing sellers with clear visibility into their key priorities and progress at any point of time.

All-in-One Seller Enablement Interface

06Actionable Analytics

Act upon easily digestible and simply presented data, fueling salesforce productivity and fine-tuning your winning strategies —for maximum seller impact.

Actionable Analytics

What our customers have said

“The Rallyware Performance Enablement Platform has definitely helped to bring our online educational platform into the 21st century. From the very modern and configurable interface, all the different practical features that are available for us to utilize, as well as ease of integration with our systems, my team is ecstatic that we decided to switch to this platform.”

Pamela Jean
Pamela Jean
Senior Specialist, Strategic Sales Education, Mary Kay

“By leveraging Rallyware journey-building capabilities, we can vastly improve the seller experience and after just a few days we can see users are eager to learn and will continue to follow the learning path created for them, as it comes naturally and effortlessly.”

Gabriela Veronez Chaytor
Gabriela Veronez Chaytor
Training Manager, Tupperware

“We’re all about empowered, knowledgeable staff–that’s core to our brand identity. Myagi by Rallyware is perfect for that. Just in terms of proactiveness of staff, we see big engagement boosts. Outfitters can really be the experts, the salespersons, that they want to be. Having the opportunity to have all this education and enablement in their pocket is fantastic.”

Heather Fencik
Heather Fencik
Education Manager, Fleet Feet

“We can see if products are not looking good, if sales are not looking good, and then make extra effort to train about those specific products. We can make them more visible for the store staff, and this helps us integrate training and sales, even as we’re integrating the physical and the digital. Everything flows together.”

Alexandra Kim
Alexandra Kim
(Digital) Retail Marketing Specialist EMEA, Keen

“Rallyware became for us an out-of-box solution with the features we were seeking, namely, brand customization, a level of gamification, leaderboards, API data integration, AI options, journey mapping, communication options and impressive reporting mechanisms.”

Kim Welling
Kim Welling
Instructional Design, Training & Operations, Nu Skin

“It’s fantastic. As a business, we’ve benefited a lot from it. We have faster delivery on all
of the courses that were available, and our suppliers are really happy about it as well, store colleagues have really engaged and it’s making us a stronger business. I’ve been able to track brand sales against the release of new training. There are a lot of factors to consider when looking at the definitive ROI, but the sales total speaks for itself.”

Krystia Paddayuman
Krystia Paddayuman
Human Resources Executive, Go Sport

“We can look at the number of hours that our training content is being watched, and
the equivalent of getting someone in the store doing this at face-to-face level, it’s massive.
So we can actually sit back after 6 months and say, 2200 hours of content have been watched, and the entire time they are watching that they are fully engaged, we think that’s had a really positive impact on how the watches are being sold.”

Warren Halliwell
Warren Halliwell
Content & Campaign Manager - Marketing, CASIO

“We were able to integrate Rallyware with many of our platforms. Creating and managing learning and enablement tasks for our field was very easy and simple. And finally, we are impressed by their support team!”

Gemma Savaresse Berrocal
Gemma Savaresse Berrocal
Digital Transformation Leader, Yanbal

“Rallyware has helped our company streamline a single training location for all learning elements. We have been able to establish a true AVON U community and watch it grow not only in technology and content, but learning, KPIs and genuine Representative feedback on how the training is helping them in their businesses.”

Amanda Robertson
Amanda Robertson
Head of Learning and Development, New Avon


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