Transform every sales associate into a top performer

Empower your frontline from day one with comprehensive product knowledge. Rallyware enables the most productive behaviors, driving sales growth and elevating in-store experiences.

Key challenges retailers are currently facing


How to turn sales associates into product experts?


How to maintain consistent customer experiences?


How to boost seller engagement to increase sell-through?


How to elevate productivity & simplify communications?

Rallyware enables retailers for sales success, for better:

Brand Collaboration: Tap into a vast network of brands with a great deal of high quality brand training content that is proven to make sales associates brand advocates and drive sales. Create a smooth channel for content exchange, for an efficient and effective flow of information. Ready-to-use training content for your associates awaits.

Rallyware enables retailers for sales success, for better:

Continuous Product Knowledge & Sales Training: Empower your sales associates from day one with the most relevant content available at their fingertips, ensuring comprehensive product knowledge and customer readiness. Rallyware orients learning toward business results, personalizing each activity —all in the flow of work.

Rallyware enables retailers for sales success, for better:

Store Operations & Visual Merchandising Execution: Support associates in their daily activities and propel them towards success with actionable to-do’s and an intelligent AI-powered copilot. Whether curating displays or managing inventory, Rallyware centralizes the seller experience into a single app, driving productivity at scale.

Rallyware enables retailers for sales success, for better:

Sales Contests & Promotions Management: Engage your sales associates and drive  productivity through sales contests, leaderboards, and more. These elements of gamification inject fun and interactivity into the everyday, while visualized progress trackers provide tangible steps toward success for each associate.

Rallyware enables retailers for sales success, for better:

Integrated Clienteling: Provide sales associates with intelligent client management tools to let them focus on what matters most—cultivating meaningful customer relationships. AI-powered activity recommendations suggest the right action at the right time, facilitating customer acquisition, management, and retention.

Rallyware enables retailers for sales success, for better:

Streamlined, Segmented & Trackable Communications: Disseminate key corporate information, best practices, store standards, and more— instantly and at scale. Ensure corporate directives are delivered, read, and acted upon with targeted and trackable communications linked to actionable follow-up tasks.

Rallyware enables retailers for sales success, for better:

Companies trust us

What our customers have said
“Platforms like Rallyware definitely help different companies become more competitive in their industries by delivering personalized tasks, rewards and recognition to their employees.”
Valentyna Khrystenko
Human Resource Director, Intertop
“What we’re trying to do is develop a portfolio of products that meets the needs of just about anybody who goes outdoors, wherever they go.”
Derek Scott
Marketing Director of AMG Group Ltd.
“Especially over the last five years, the competition has heated up online and amongst other national vendors. Because everyone now has the world in their pockets, the consumer is sometimes more savvy than our in-store employees.”
Bill Woodall
Director of Retail Experience and CX, Hibbett Sports
“It’s fantastic. As a business, we’ve benefited a lot from it…There are a lot of factors to consider when looking at the definitive ROI, but the sales total speaks for itself.”
Krystia Paddayuman
L&D Content Developer, Go Sport
"...the way that we’re going to start to use it now is actually Target Training. So with the sign-ups per door, I can see which people are doing well or which people have left feedback, for example. People that haven’t done quite so well or stores that aren’t performing quite so well, we could ring up and say, “Right guys. I’ve seen that you’ve had to go at this module, but would you like some extra help?” And we can target-train in that way, which is amazing!"
Gemma Dyer
Training Manager, Equip Outdoor
“We can really motivate our staff to continue to make good quality content and keep people engaged by the numbers that we can get through the analytics. And we can also see it’s worth our investment⁠—in terms of monetary ROI we’re not going to see in the first three months which we understand. It’s going to take a little bit of time.”
Tyler Curley
Former In-Store Experience Specialist, Amer USA
“The accounts team actually sent me a link saying, “Here’s your logins, you can have a look at how things operate. We’ll do an onboarding call, and we’ll explain in detail how it all works,” but at that stage I was already fully running because it was very intuitive, very easy to figure out, so I already had my own content posted and people invited by the time we even had the onboarding call. No time to waste!”
Robert Diehl
Robert Diehl, General Manager, Wolfi’s Bike Shop

By delivering the right activity at the right time, Rallyware customers see:

faster onboarding


faster onboarding

improved associate engagement


improved associate engagement

increased frontline productivity


increased frontline productivity

higher sales associate retention


higher sales associate retention