Data-Driven Distributor Training Programs Every Direct Selling Company Should Implement

Direct Selling companies face a unique set of challenges. With any distributed network, data can be a powerful weapon. The more information you process, the better you can align performance with training – and that can drive remarkable success stories within a direct selling model. So, how can data-driven distributor training and engagement tools help your company drive success at scale? In this article, we’ll look at how a few organizations out there boosted profits by taking a tailored approach to training.

More and more direct selling companies are reaping benefits from personalized microlearning. Delivered just-in-time, training becomes a seamless vehicle for increased sales, improved recruitment and distributor retention, and better use of modern marketing channels like social media.

Best Practices for Distributor Training

Onboarding, Collaboration, and Compliance Training

Paying attention to the needs and goals of individual distributors can add up to huge gains at scale. Delivering personalized onboarding training and following that up with tailored daily activities to drive growth are very effective methods for supporting consultants and promoting engagement through real results. It’s essentially when KPIs start to align with the aspirations of your distributors.

Take Isagenix. Specializing in weight-loss and personal wellbeing products, the company operates in a highly competitive field. The organization has streamlined its onboarding process so that recruits get established quicker. The idea is that the sooner consultants start earning, the more likely they are to stick around, so they can begin making money the first week they arrive. Bonuses get based on how many customers are buying.

By watching its sales and commission data, the company increased sales by 23% over the course of a year. Analytics are vital to this approach’s success because every company story is different, and any method works best when closely tied to real data.

Companies that combine data-driven training with practical collaboration tools streamline upline support and make it far more effective. However, they also improve morale and simplify the onboarding process.

It’s just as important to have an effective method for ensuring brand identity, and you can deliver compliance training in a similar way. When companies do so, it ultimately allows buyers to have more tailored brand experiences, strengthening relationships and improving customer satisfaction. Resources for providing consultants with continuity via documentation exactly when and where they need it reinforces confidence and further develops that brand identity at scale. When something changes, it’s instantly available to the entire field or to a specific market or to a certain consultant segment.

Prospecting, Marketing, and Social Selling

Boosting distributor sales efforts is always going to be a win-win. Just-in-time learning and business-building activities ensure you do that precisely when it’s going to make the most difference – both to consultants and company KPIs.

Nowadays, social media can be highly effective for driving sales initiatives at scale – if you can use data-driven learning to inform your efforts. Performance enablement platforms provide almost limitless ways to keep consultants engaged, motivated, and enjoying the marketing experience while delivering knowledge and prompts that make social selling more productive. When direct selling companies provide tailored social selling training, it promotes network development and opens new doors to sales. While you streamline learning and communications between uplines and downlines, you can also offer ways to unify and amplify message distribution across a variety of social media platforms, allowing distributors to do that with one click.

Victoria Crittenden is professor and chair of the marketing division at Babson College. She’s studied the direct selling marketplace for years and conducted extensive research into how women use social media in direct selling:

“In essence, it is that ability to be self-sustaining, to be out on their own, to engage in a workplace that maybe they could not engage in previously. Maybe they took time out to be home with their kids, and now they are re-entering the workforce, and social media enables them to reach potential customers and to build a network of support.”

Business Building and Customer Engagement

Supporting your business builders with the right tools during every step of their journey means knowing what will help them achieve their personal goals and promote successful relationships. When companies give distributors the ability to keep customers informed about products and campaigns which align with past purchases, that’s a recipe for success at scale – but it demands real-time data analysis.

Team National sells shopping discount memberships and managed to increase net sales by 38% in twelve months by analyzing membership data to discover which vendor relationships worked best for customers.

With the right smart systems in place, companies can take that further. Sales and recruiting data can provide insights to facilitate personalized microlearning when distributors need some extra help. Upline that can enable business builders to motivate and coach recruits – based on the specific challenges they’re facing. Harvesting sales data not only drives customer loyalty and engagement by delivering more personalized experiences, but it also allows direct selling companies to promote associated products, boosting the potential of established relationships.

Distributor Training and Engagement Tools, Personalized

Every organization out there is unique, and addressing distributor training and engagement challenges effectively demands an informed approach. Rallyware employs a predefined suite of learning and engagement programs optimized for the direct selling industry, but we know each business is different. All our customers get their own account manager – a dedicated point of contact and source of advice – who recommends enhancements and additions so that personalized microlearning and engagement programs deliver real results based on accurate data and company-specific KPIs.

If you’d like to learn more about how Rallyware helps direct selling companies use data-driven daily activities and just-in-time training to boost sales, recruiting, engagement, and power distributors to greater successes, book a demo today!