Rallyware’s End of 2023 Roundup: A Year of Expansion and Innovation

In the fast-paced landscape of sales performance enablement platforms and sales enablement tech, 2023 proved to be a momentous year for Rallyware. It marked a period of growth, innovation, and strategic expansion. 

For the economy as a whole, 2023 was an often challenging year, one that began with bleak warnings of recession and that ends now with a sense of return to normalcy in terms of spending. It was a year defined by nothing more than uncertainty, and 2024 appears to promise more of this.

In such a moment Rallyware flourished, providing tools built and designed to help organizations outdo their peers, sell more, and retain more customers – with personalized software delivered directly to the sales force and used by sales and operations to drive results. At a time of uncertainty, in other words, Rallyware delivered certainty, stability, and growth through flexible, dynamic technology.

Overall, Rallyware not only solidified its position as a frontrunner in seller enablement for direct selling, but also embarked on an ambitious journey of expansion into wholesalers and large retailers. In 2023, Rallyware exceeded 200 customers for the first time, reflecting the organization’s continued sustainable growth, our commitment to our customers, and the sheer power of our technologies to drive business results.

Growth in the Direct Selling Channel & Omnichannel Innovation

One of the hallmark achievements that underscored Rallyware’s success was the remarkable milestone of securing partnerships with over 40% of the Top 100 direct selling companies, including Nu Skin, Beautycounter, Avon, and many others. 

Bolstered by this success, Rallyware boldly charted a new trajectory, setting sights on an expansion into the realm of retailers and brands while remaining steadfast in maintaining leadership in the direct selling channel. 

This strategic expansion reflected not only our dedication to innovation but also our adaptability in catering to diverse market needs and evolving customer demands. We call this omnichannel innovation: success in one sales channel benefits all of the others, as Rallyware releases new products, deepens and enriches its AI, and grows and scales its own capabilities.

Acquiring Myagi, Sales Enablement Tech Leader: Rallyware’s Entry into Retail

In 2023 Rallyware acquired Myagi, a leading sales enablement tech provider for brands and retailers that specializes in product and sales training. This platform is utilized by a vast network of retail associates around the globe, giving brands immediate access to these associates so that they can train on and internally market their products, in addition to receiving feedback from the frontline. 

“We at Rallyware are beyond excited about partnering with Myagi for the most complete and dynamic retail store sales rep experience on the market,” said George Elfond, Rallyware’s CEO, at the announcement of the partnership. “Brands and retailers are going to be seeing the kind of re-energized, productive workforces and reengaged loyal customers that they need to combat the market headwinds of 2023 and beyond.”

Rallyware’s Retail Publications

Reflecting Rallyware’s authority in the retail and brand space, we were featured in publications such as 365 Retail, Running Insight, and Bicycle Retailer, among others – talking about issues such as AI in retail and how to increase sales through technology. The addition of experts and analysts from the Myagi sales enablement tech team has only helped Rallyware enhance our level of strategic insight and empower customers and their sales forces.

NPS & Customer Sentiment

As many will already know, a company’s NPS (Net Promoter Score) demonstrates the degree of customer loyalty and satisfaction, and their willingness to promote the company’s products to peers. 

According to experts, a median NPS is +44, while those +72 and higher are in the upper quartile. Specifically, for technology companies like Rallyware, the top quartile begins at +64, in part because the space is so fiercely competitive.

In 2023, Rallyware’s NPS was +75, a major achievement that reflects world-class excellence. 

“It is easy to set up for our specific business needs,” says one response. “We have had an outstanding experience,” said another. 

G2 Awards for 2023

In addition to these customer plaudits, Rallyware received the following awards on G2 every business quarter:

  • Enterprise High Performer
  • Enterprise Easiest to Do Business With 
  • Enterprise Best Support
  • Users Most Likely to Recommend
best awards

AI Seller Copilot and 2024’s Powerful New Solutions 

2023 saw the introduction of Rallyware’s AI-enabled seller copilot for direct selling distributors. Based on the fourth generation of the GPT (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer) LLM (Large Language Modeling) AI model, this AI seller copilot guides distributors through any conceivable scenario, from sales and product training to customer relationship management. 

All they have to do is ask and their smart seller copilot shows them what to do and how to do it, providing any requisite knowledge or documentation the individual might need. Which makes selling and recruiting a far simpler process, while providing the easy-to-use digital experience that drives retention.  

In 2024, Rallyware plans to expand that AI seller copilot into the retail and brand channels, guiding associates in the flow of work, along with the rollout of powerful new technologies not seen anywhere else, such as Brand Rep Connect and Sales Competitions for brands and retailers.

And in 2024 Rallyware looks to continue expanding its internal resources, pushing the envelope in terms of transformational technologies, and widening its footprint among retail, brand, and direct selling leaders. 

2024 Outlook: From Sales Enablement Tech to Sales Performance Enablement

In an age when generative AI technologies are as powerful as the training data they are “fed,” Rallyware leads the way with over a decade of seller behavioral data. This goes beyond sales enablement tech, and toward what we call sales performance enablement.

This upcoming year, that data will be used to make every seller into a top performer, generating in each individual – whether in direct selling, retail, wholesale, and many other sales channels – the most productive and effective selling behaviors. This is the year of powerful, personalized AI enabling organizations for higher sales and sustainable growth, no matter the macroeconomic conditions. This is the year of the Rallyware revolution in sales forces worldwide.

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