Entering 2020 Future-Ready with Intelligent Direct Selling Software

It’s the winter holiday season! In between cozy days by the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate, is the perfect time of the year to reminisce about the past, analyze the present and plan for the future. No matter how deep you dig into all the activities you did and the experiences you had with your workforces over the past year, there are always important lessons to learn from and grow your direct selling business. 

Have you already come up with your New Year’s business resolutions? We asked direct selling leaders what some of theirs were and here are the most frequently mentioned responses. 

Do some of these points resonate with your business resolutions? Have you mapped out strategies to make them happen? All too often, direct selling companies start out strong but at some point, things might not go according to plan as other unexpected issues happen or new priorities appear. To stay nimble and adapt fast to any changes in pursuit of your business goals, it’s important to have a strong backup plan– intelligent direct selling software

The Rallyware team will show how the right direct selling software combined with just-in-time support will help direct selling companies solve the industry’s major challenges and turn their New Year’s business resolutions into reality. 

Three business growth gifts you get with the right direct selling software

There are three large aspects that impact the development and resiliency of every thriving direct selling company: distributor onboarding, training, and engagement. They are also the building blocks of every distributor’s success which, in turn, directly influences customer engagement and the company’s competitive ability. By using intelligent direct selling software, direct selling companies can fuel these three aspects to exceed the bounds of their 2020 business goals. 

1. Personalized distributor onboarding for high retention

For distributors, the process of onboarding is like entering a new year full of hopes and aspirations. Most have little to no experience being an entrepreneur, so the fundamentals of their business-building journey lie in personalized support from Day 1. They say that the way you see in the New Year will set the course for the next 12 months. The same goes for recruiting and onboarding. Similarly, how distributors spend their first days with a company will determine their desire to stay or quit the opportunity. 

With the right direct selling software, companies can deliver highly-personalized business-building experiences for every individual to walk them step by step through the first hours, days and weeks of owning their own business.” This becomes possible thanks to the inbuilt ML-driven engine that uses years of aggregated performance data to navigate every distributor towards the subsequent steps to success without them feeling lost or overwhelmed by new information.

When every distributor clearly sees the goals and the means of achieving them at the very beginning, when they know that success is real and not something distant, this realization inspires them to stay with a company.

2. Just-in-time training for great sales productivity

They say that knowledge is the greatest gift of all. We say that the distributors’ expertise is at the core of growing sales and strengthening business. Sales skills training, soft skills training, updates on products, lifehacks for managing busy daily schedules, compliance training, compensation plans – your distributors have a lot to learn and remember. They have to be subject matter experts and trusted influencers to keep building their network of customers.

Behavioral science tells us how people best learn new things and intelligent direct selling software uses these principles to build impactful personalized learning journeys for every user. Instead of just splitting training content into microlearning lessons and making them easily digestible, the system adjusts learning activities to every individual and prescribes them at the point of need. Such a just-in-time principle of delivering training content helps to avoid information overload and makes every learning nugget or skill applicable to practice right away, which ensures maximum retention. 

3. Data-driven engagement for outstanding brand growth  

The last magical component that makes us keep going is a strong motivation. Humans are complicated, and sometimes even the availability of all necessary tools, support, and clear goals can be not enough for us to act. That’s where the reward mechanisms play a crucial role.

By leveraging intelligent direct selling software that timely recognizes every single effort in the most preferable way, companies can drive desired behaviors and keep distributors engaged on a daily basis. When your field sees that every completed activity is appreciated and their personal milestones (no matter how big or small) are recognized and celebrated, they become much more involved in their business-building journey; they strive to do their best and motivate everyone around them. Upon seeing how excited about the products and business opportunities your distributors are, you’ve got a great chance to turn your customers into distributors and push your brand forward. 

Direct Selling Software for 2020 and Beyond

The direct selling industry has always been good at providing their field with the right tools to help them reach their full potential. 2020 is the year when all these success tools should be collected in one place, presenting an integrated smart solution for all your business challenges. 

So what’s the next step? Request a demo of the Rallyware smart direct selling software to take your 2020 business resolutions and turn them into actionable steps towards business growth!