Rallyware’s 10-Year Anniversary: a Decade of Performance Enablement

Rallyware, the performance enablement platform for the distributed workforce, is celebrating their 10th anniversary – 10 full years of innovation, empowerment, and performance enablement and performance based training for the global distributed workforce!

Though Rallyware has grown an incredible amount over the past decade, the fundamentals were always present. A strong team, visionary leadership, and game-changing technology centered around performance enablement. 

Below, we discuss the highlights of every year from 2012 through the end of 2022. First, however, we’re going to start with some data points that sum up how Rallyware has changed lives and industries these past 10 years.

10-Year Conclusions: The High Points of Performance Enablement and Performance Based Training

Over the past 10 years, according to our analysts, Rallyware’s customers have upscaled 1.9 million users

155 million notifications have been triggered for users, showing them an activity available to be performed – personalized, just for them.

25 million tasks have been completed. And that’s just the beginning.

10 Years of Performance Enablement, Performance Based Training, and Digital Transformation


Rallyware was founded by George Elfond and Mykhaylo Kostandov at MIT’s business incubator, Beehive. This was at the time of the Arab Spring. Essentially, George and Mykhaylo saw the digital technology on display in these events and wondered whether it could be harnessed to help democracy at home. Could social, mobile technology be used to help nonprofit organize and mobilize?


The next year, Rallyware “graduated” from the Techstars Boston startup incubator and launched a beta of their platform as a beta for nonprofit organizations who wanted to deliver performance based training for their grassroots. With this as their groundwork, Rallyware raised initial funding. 


Rallyware launched with their first enterprise customer, building a dynamic platform to suit that customer’s structures, needs, and goals. 


Rallyware expanded their footprint to four industries, including direct selling and franchise businesses, and 18 countries across the globe. By the end of the year, Rallyware had reached 1 million users involved in learning, performance based training, and performance enablement!


This was a big “leap forward” year for Rallyware as the company grew to 20+ enterprise-scale customers. Rallyware also won the year’s Direct Selling Association (DSA) Training Platform of the Year Award, a major recognition that marked the beginning of Rallyware’s evolution into a full-cycle, end-to-end platform for large enterprises.


2017 was a banner year for Rallyware’s worldwide growth as the platform was adopted in 32 countries globally, scaling in 16 languages. Rallyware raised more capital and kept expanding their platform to encompass more solutions and offerings beyond performance based training and learning.


Rallyware grew to 50+ enterprise customers and became ranked #2 in the top 20 global learning solutions – at a time when Rallyware was primarily a learning and training platform.


Rallyware grew to a team of 50+ people for the first time and reached over 10 million members of the distributed workforce globally, evolving across geographical and linguistic boundaries.


During an extremely uncertain, unprecedented pandemic year, Rallyware provided consistency and stability for enterprises across the world, as well as accelerating digital transformation and business dynamism. 

Rallyware opened new offices in Latin America and Canada this year, spreading across North and South America.


Rallyware introduced their Incentives & Recognitions/Incentives & Promotions solution to visualize progress and KPIs for the distributed workforce with the aid of custom UI widgets. This solution boosts engagement, productivity, and performance with leaderboards, badges, rewards, prizes, and other motivation drivers. Customers’ distributed workforces could sell more, while being more motivated altogether.

Rallyware grew their team to 100+ people across the globe.


In this latest year, Rallyware raised $22 million to propel continued growth and innovation. And among customers, they produced a 21% sales boost – incredible numbers for a platform that continues to redefine what it means to drive productivity for the workforce. They also published some fantastic articles about performance enablement in Forbes, eLearning Industry, and other publications.

They won the Direct Selling Association award for Partnership, a significant plaudit in a competitive, important category. Read more at Rallyware’s Media Room.

Lastly, Rallyware celebrated their 10-year anniversary – here’s to 10 more!

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