3 Ways to Reduce Distributor Time-to-Sale

In direct selling, the journey from distributor onboarding to making the first sale can be a complex and time-consuming process. Though as Direct Selling News points out, positive recruiting strategies are as important as distributor onboarding, it’s during onboarding that most distributors drop out of the field. In fact, we’ve covered this point before, in our article about the KPIs direct selling leaders need to pay attention to.

On the other hand, once they’ve seen themselves be productive, distributors are more likely to stay affiliated with the company. It thus becomes important for direct sellers to figure out ways to shorten onboarding and quicken time-to-productivity, or time-to-sale, via smart distributor onboarding. 

However, streamlining this journey can bring immense benefits to both the company and the distributor. For the company, reducing time-to-sale means a quicker return on investment and robust growth. For the distributor, it means quicker earnings, increased confidence, and higher motivation. Here are three ways to reduce the time it takes for distributors to make their first sale and become productive.

Streamline the Distributor Onboarding Process

An efficient distributor onboarding process is critical to setting distributors up for success and reducing time-to-sale. 

Here’s how to optimize it:

Comprehensive Training

Offer a well-structured training program that covers everything a new distributor needs to know. This includes product knowledge, sales techniques, and company policies. Online resources such as videos, webinars, and interactive modules can facilitate this learning process, allowing distributors to engage with the material at their own pace.

Clear Roadmap 

Providing a clear, step-by-step roadmap can guide new distributors in their early days. Outline specific goals and tasks for their first week, month, and quarter, including setting up initial meetings, making phone calls, and attending training sessions. This clarity helps them stay focused and motivated during distributor onboarding.

Mentorship Programs

Pairing new distributors with experienced mentors can accelerate their progress. Mentors can offer guidance, share best practices, and provide feedback on performance. This relationship fosters a supportive network and helps new distributors navigate challenges more effectively, making distributor onboarding both easier and more fun.

Leverage Technology and Automation

Utilizing modern technology and automation tools can greatly enhance the efficiency and productivity of distributors:

Digital Tools

Provide distributors with access to user-friendly apps and software for managing contacts, leads, and sales activities. These digital solutions can streamline administrative tasks, helping distributors focus more on selling and less on paperwork. 

They can also, and more importantly, automatically guide distributors on their path to productivity, based on their own goals and past behaviors, along with the company’s optimal field behaviors. This is known as performance enablement software.

Online Resources

Make a range of online resources readily available, such as training videos, documents, and guides. By having these materials accessible at any time, distributors can continue their education and improvement outside of traditional training sessions.

Real-Time Communication

Foster a culture of open communication between the company and distributors. Use platforms like chat groups, messaging apps, and video conferencing to keep everyone connected and updated. Real-time communication ensures that questions are answered promptly and important information is disseminated quickly.

Incentivize Early Success

Providing the right incentives can motivate new distributors to make their first sale quickly and establish a strong foundation for future success:

Onboarding Bonuses 

Consider offering bonuses or rewards for achieving specific sales milestones within the first week or month. This can encourage distributors to work hard from the start and set the tone for their future performance.

Recognition Programs

Recognize and celebrate early successes publicly. Whether it’s a shout-out in a team meeting or a feature in a company newsletter, these forms of recognition can create a sense of community and healthy competition among distributors.

Lead Support

Offer new distributors a list of potential leads or customers to jumpstart their sales efforts. This kind of support can reduce the time it takes for them to make their first sale and build their confidence.

Driving Early Success: Accelerating Distributor Time-to-Sale

By implementing these strategies, direct selling companies can significantly reduce the time it takes for new distributors to make their first sale. A more efficient onboarding process, the effective use of technology and automation, and targeted incentives can all contribute to a faster and more successful start for new distributors. In turn, this accelerates the growth and success of the entire company.

To learn more about how performance enablement software speeds-up distributor-time-to-sale, encouraging them to stay in the field for longer, click here to request your Rallyware demo.