Rallyware’s 2022-23 Sales Force Engagement Report

Engagement – it’s a priority that’s topping wish lists for 2024. Benefits Canada’s 2023 Future of Work Survey revealed that 61% of employers said maintaining employee engagement was a top HR focus, followed by employee retention and attraction (56% and 55%, respectively). A key component of a successful and thriving organization, engagement is crucial in terms of productivity, team collaboration and customer satisfaction.

As engagement is also on our radar, we at Rallyware are pleased to introduce our all-new 2022-23 Sales Force Engagement Report: Trends in Seller Behavior and Skills Enablement. This report has some of the same points and figures as our Global Sales Force Report but is reframed to center on – you guessed it – engagement. In addition to highlighting key findings across our customer base, we also include a trend watch – what do we foresee happening throughout the rest of 2023 and into 2024?

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Sales Professionals Are Gravitating Towards Learning and Training Content, for Maximum Employee Engagement

Encouragingly, we saw a rise in engagement with training and learning content, with a 9% increase in salespersons actively engaged with this content in 2022 compared to 2021. Additionally, nearly seven million learning and development tasks were completed among the sales force utilizing performance enablement technology. That’s a significant number and one that really underscores the power of such platforms, especially during a period when many sales-based workforces, such as retail and direct selling, have experienced a recent decline in overall revenue or major sales force turnover.

infographic showing that more salespersons were actively engaged with content

Smart Notifications Are Revolutionizing Engagement…

Smart notifications, timed perfectly and delivered to the right individual, play a significant role in sparking engagement. Although this point has been emphasized repeatedly, it is worth highlighting as these notifications prove to be powerful time and time again – globally across Rallyware’s customer community in 2022, more than 212 million notifications were sent and nearly 97 million of those continued to trigger engagement with in-app tasks.

These notifications are far from random – they are personalized and tailored to the seller’s specific goals. Smart notifications are important for timely communication, and also help to keep users engaged and active on the platform.

infographic depicting the number of smart notifications delivered for employee engagement

…Gamification Is, As Well

Similarly, leaderboards, prizes and other motivators that visually represent each seller’s progress towards their goals wield significant power. This tactic, known as sales gamification, introduces an element of fun and competition into the everyday work routine, and helps sellers see that they are working towards something. Gamification also encourages a mindset of continuous improvement, motivating sellers to seek additional strategies to perform better (outperforming one’s colleagues isn’t the worst outcome either)!

Our prediction? The transformation of extrinsic (such as achieving sales goals) into intrinsic motivators (something that is psychologically and behaviorally relevant to the seller) will play a key role in driving sales performance for sales forces in 2024-25.

Retail Employee Engagement and Distributor Engagement in 2024 and Beyond

Today, consumers today are sometimes indecisive and hesitant, seeking authenticity, sincerity and sophistication in brands, particularly for high-value purchase. Sellers who are thoroughly engaged, motivated and ready to sell with confidence play a key role in elevating the customer experience. Equipping them with tools to help them sell better will lead to enhanced engagement, and notable results.

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