Rallyware Announces Innovative CRM for Field Workforce

Rallyware announces an agile, smart CRM to their Performance Enablement Platform’s direct selling software. The result is the ultimate all-in-one solution for direct selling distributor enablement. 

This solution puts right in the hands of distributors the tools to drive and manage customer acquisition and retention along with sales opportunity management. Rallyware gives direct selling orgs direct selling software tools for building large loyal customer bases now that margins are shrinking and uncertainty is growing.

Where legacy direct selling CRMs meant siloed systems, juggling multiple tools to manage sales, opportunities, and customer relations, with Rallyware, the opposite is the case. Rules and recommendations algorithms help suggest sales actions while enabling higher sales performance, integrating all this into one platform for communications, L&D, incentives and recognition, and more. 

Rallyware’s CRM tools integrate with the platform’s other tools, such as learning and performance functions, to drive the right behaviors for individual and corporate growth. The all-in-one digital experience resulting from this hands distributors smart, easy-to-use tools for the quick-changing customer landscape. At a time when consumer spending is said to be the main factor keeping the US out of recession, such technology is of signal importance to business growth.

Dynamic CRM Direct Selling Software for the Field

Already delivering training and remote onboarding and rewards and recognition, Rallyware’s direct selling software now includes customer acquisition, management, and retention for the field. 

Rallyware’s auto-personalized CRM software drives concrete sales results on the individual level and corporate revenue writ large. This new solution uses cutting-edge features, described below, to guide the distributor in customer relationships while continuing to train and incentivize, all of it working as one. 

At a difficult moment for this industry, such direct selling software will prove consequential, raising margins at scale while encouraging field distributor productivity and retention.

Amplifying the CRM Tech for Business Growth at Scale

Where other technologies silo off their tools out of a lack of ambition, innovation, and forward-thinking, this CRM proceeds differently. Rallyware’s innovative direct selling software CRM integrates with live field performance data to guide data-driven recommendations and actions for every distributor, amplifying the impact of its features. These features include:

*Campaign Workflows

*Prospecting Script Library

*Relationship Tracking and Managing

*Contact Tracking

*Automated To-Dos

*Advanced Customer Relations Analytics for HQ 

*Customer Communication & Care

With multiple streams of data integrated into a single experience, Rallyware utilizes every action to further the personalization of the distributor’s pathway. This single digital business center unlocks the entrepreneurial spirit in every member of the field by sensing and recommending the right next steps for him or her, in different contexts. In this case it’s in terms of customer acquisition and retention and sales opportunity management.  

One Platform Amplifying the UX for Maximum Impact

Rallyware integrates their CRM into the entire direct selling software suite, weaving it into L&D, rewards and recognition, and performance-boosting actions to drive the full distributor experience with one smart engine. No matter the action type in the direct selling field experience, Rallyware has the distributor covered.

Additionally, companies may design their Rallyware setup as they see fit. They may choose to deliver the CRM to their field as a standalone product. However, integrated with Rallyware’s other available solutions, the CRM maximizes the impact of every tap and click. With this single matrix for understanding and guiding distributor behaviors, suggested smart actions for every individual will adapt based on data sourced from manifold locations in one direct selling software suite. 

Rallyware Leadership Speaks

“The customer acquisition and management side of the direct selling field is becoming ever-more important,” says George Elfond, Rallyware Co-Founder and CEO. “We are proud to be on the cutting edge.”

“For direct selling organizations to truly evolve at scale, distributors must have the tools to become entrepreneurial powerhouses. CRM technology was the clear solution, we deduced, and so we developed this fiercely powerful smart solution at lightning speed,” he continues. “With our many years of expertise driving learning and productivity for the field, we now introduce a data-driven CRM that is unmatched by other solutions, as it requires years of complex, algorithmic data processing.”

Rallyware provides the ultimate solution for the direct selling field, encompassing learning, productivity, customer acquisition and retention, rewards and recognition, and much more, enabling distributors at scale using data-driven actions. Click here to request your free demonstration.