How to Secure Buy-in for Sales Performance Enablement Software

While leaders are eager to invest in Customer Experience (CX technology), they might be much slower to engage frontline workers with sales enablement software and performance enablement tools. Metrigy’s 2023 Technology Spending Outlook report found that 65.1% of business leaders planned to increase CX technology spend by an average of 24%. This imbalance in investment could be for a variety of reasons:

  • Retailers and other brick-and-mortar stores believe futuristic features such as virtual dressing rooms or augmented reality features to see which glasses look best on your face shape will draw positive attention
  • It’s fun and flashy, a “shiny new object”
  • Leaders rightly believe that positive customer experiences will retain existing customers and draw new ones

While investing in CX technologies is not by any means a bad decision, companies should be wary of how they allocate resources. What might companies sacrifice in their quest for future-proof technologies? 

It might be that industry leaders are missing a key detail in how they’re thinking about customer experience: boosting workforce experience via sales performance enablement translates into customer experience. The former enables the ladder, making it an indispensable, strategic part of engaging your sales force, customers, and meeting targeted KPIs. Indeed, the bridge between engaging customers and achieving targeted KPIs lies in the strategic empowerment of the frontline. So, it’s a good idea to invest as much, if not more, in sales enablement tools as in CX to ensure customers are not only engaged, but engaged in the smartest way possible: via a more robust sales force.

Getting buy-in for any new technologies, especially with today’s tight budgets, requires some finesse and persuasion. Here are some key points to argue to get secure buy-in for sales enablement software from key stakeholders.

Sales Enablement Software and the Question of Control

While you do have control over how frontline workers engage customers, you do not have as much control over customer purchasing, which is driven by macroeconomic factors such as fluctuating wages, inflation, and cultural attitudes. Because you can determine the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales force’s efforts in the sales process, you can invest in tools to empower and guide sales associates.

Sales Enablement Software Helps Resist Market Volatility

As opposed to investing in rapidly-changing technology, truly smart sales enablement software offers a way of resisting volatility by providing a way of accommodating the fast-changing needs of consumers. Think of this as future-proofing using data insights to predict trends and customer behavior, using a highly advanced interface on a mobile platform to associate. Just as e-commerce platforms anticipate customer preferences, highlight how software empowers sales teams to tailor their approach for maximum impact.

Investing in Sales Enablement Means Investing in a Resource You Already Have

Let’s say you need to decide between buying a new fashionable couch at a high cost and refurbishing a high quality antique? It would be smarter and perhaps more economical to choose the second option.

You may think of sales enablement as a kind of refurbishing process–take something good and make it even better–improve its capabilities to make it unlike anything else on the market. That’s essentially what sales enablement tools can do for your workforce. They allow you to improve on a resource the company already has. 

Sales Enablement Software Leads to Fulfilled Consumers

Every customer wants to be treated attentively by someone informed and enthusiastic. Sales enablement software plays a significant role in enabling clientelling. By providing necessary data-driven features like segmentation and profiling, and personalized recommendations, these tools can deliver exceptionally personalized experiences to customers.

Sales enablement tools facilitate this process by leveraging data, analytics, and automation to create meaningful interactions. Sales enablement software strikes a balance by driving CX enhancements while also focusing on revenue generation.

As technology reshapes the business landscape, unprecedented opportunities are emerging. Yesterday’s corporate leaders did not have access to the data and insights on behavior that we now have. Today, we can measure performance in seconds. Not only can we educate frontline associates on brand and products, we can educate the right workers about the right content at exactly the right time to drive a particular sale necessary for meeting KPIs using performance enablement and sales enablement software.

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