Training Leaders Drive Crisis Recovery

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away when companies were looking to recruit new talent they sought those experienced in Microsoft Office, SCORM, and other tools of yesterday. The times and the landscape they are a changing…today’s digitally transformative culture is spurring a shift in the expertise that firms are looking for in their training managers and future talent development and training leaders. In other words, it’s about understanding how to use the technologies that make a true impact on the business KPIs and keep things running smoother in the times of digital transformation. It’s about being able to utilize the most insightful tools/platforms to better conduct employee training and engagement.

This kind of shift in what companies now expect from training leaders is so critical for a number of reasons. For one, recent surveys have found that numerous employees across the globe are feeling uninspired and “disengaged” from their position. In fact, a recent Gallup poll suggests that over thirty percent of Americans don’t feel the necessary engagement with their job. Which is why the trend now is not necessarily to hire the individual who has extensive MS Office experience per se, but rather the candidate who understands the importance of employee training and engagement—true engagement. They want those Rallyware-trained managers ready to come in and revamp their current learning culture with data-driven tools.

On the Forefront of Reskilling Efforts

We need only look at the examples of some of the country’s top employers. Amazon for one. Last year the online retail giant pledged $700 million in retraining and reskilling efforts. The goal: by 2025 to retrain 100,000 employees and thereby more effectively engage workers. And they are not taking a traditional route either; rather, they are integrating the latest in eLearning and retraining efforts and building a program around data-driven insights into their own workforce.  

They understand the time constraints and attention span concerns when it comes to learning and development. What’s more, they are committed to an individualized approach. Amazon is only one example. More top tier firms and large organizations are following suit. So, it only stands to reason that what companies are going to be looking for from their managers is the ability to engage and train employees using learning experience platforms.

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Redefining a Process

Onboarding and training software and platforms represent the future of work. Companies have to digitally evolve if they want to stay relevant, which is why so many are looking to recruit managers conversant with the Rallyware platform. Rallyware is simple to use—no more complicated than say MS Office, and yet far more intuitive and impactful. This is the beauty of AI technologies and machine learning, as companies such as Amazon have discovered. Training leaders now have the capacity to provide a truly data-driven learning experience suited to the strengths and weaknesses of an individual. It makes the manager’s role easier—their time now much better spent. Not to mention, the employees’ time is also better spent.

As such, employees will be far more apt to engage with the training. In fact, studies have shown that when “training by doing” (using simulation style games and microlearning models for example) workers retain approximately 75% of what they learned. This is precisely what CEOs want to see; this is what they expect, and this is consequently why they are leaning toward job applicants who already have Rallyware experience. When hiring, a company is investing not only in what a manager or a training leader brings to the table as far as their own talent and skills, but their ability to elicit such from their team. They expect leaders to perform and at the same time be able to maximize the performance of their workforce.

The Importance of Engaging Your Team

Integrating Rallyware’s platform, L&D professionals are easily able to pinpoint individual paths to success given the scenario and environment. This leads to increased engagement across the board, and of course, engagement is everything. Why? For one, an engaged employee is a far more productive employee. However, it goes far beyond simply being productive versus being unproductive…Consider the following:

Engaged behaviorsDisengaged behaviors
Goes above and beyondHigh absenteeism
Solution-orientedNegative attitude
Shows a passion for learningFocuses on monetary worth
Passes along credit but accepts blameAccepts credit but passes along blame

Source: SHRM

As is evident, the ability to engage employees has a very positive domino effect. Whereas, the flip side of that coin spells disaster for overall company morale.

The question thus stands, how do you elicit the utmost engagement from your team? This is exactly what business executives will be asking prospective job candidates. The ability to answer affirmatively when it comes to having Rallyware experience can be the deciding factor in whether or not a potential training leader is hired.   

Effective training leaders are those who understand how to employ an all-inclusive eLearning platform that drives employee growth by automatically highlighting successes and reinforcing those areas in which they might need additional training. Rallyware covers all key aspects of talent management and has gained recognition as one of the top learning experience platforms available today. Rallyware seamlessly consolidates:

  • Personalized onboarding
  • On-demand upskilling/reskilling
  • Continuous data-driven engagement

This is why it is now the default platform for companies undergoing digital transformation. Experience it for yourself. Schedule your demo!