Driving Digital Transformation of Enterprises through 2023

2020 was been a challenging year for industries, economies, and the world as a whole. Even the most agile business leaders were not prepared for the devastating impact the pandemic had on many sectors. Thousands of workers were laid off or furloughed, and organizations were announcing bankruptcies at unprecedented rates. Companies switched to a distributed workforce model to ensure the health and safety of their workers, but many were just not ready to make the change.

Amidst this economic uncertainty, Rallyware is proud to see how our Performance Enablement Platform has become a solution for accelerating the digital transformation of enterprises during the Covid-19 pandemic. We recognized the importance of supporting the workforce in becoming more agile and adaptable to economic changes, which is why in 2020 we signed the Pledge to America’s Workers vowing to help reskill and upskill 500,000 workers in the next 5 years. Although this goal was quite ambitious, we were certain that we’d make it happen, and we are already way ahead of our pledge due to the increase in demand of reskilling, upskilling and adapting newly remote workers during the Covid-19 pandemic. What else has Rallyware accomplished in 2020? Let’s look back at some of the notable achievements of the year.

Growth through Digital Transformation of Enterprises in 2020

Even during the economic instability, Rallyware is seeing the significant benefits of its platform for the enterprises lacking the tools and preparedness to embrace the digital transformation and adapt to distributed workforce management amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. From delivering just-in-time learning solutions to designing personalized rewards and incentives, our data-driven platform supported organizational growth in 2020 and will continue to aid companies in remaining competitive on the market moving forward. In fact, the latest survey by McKinsey & Company shows us that executives’ outlook on the economy is brightening, with 63% expecting economic conditions in their countries to improve six months from now, and we are excited to support the companies during this process of recovery. 

In 2020 Rallyware launched a new Analytics Suite that aims to help organizations connect certain learning goals with company KPIs. By gaining access to historical and real-time data, training leaders can easily see which learning initiatives contribute to which performance and business goals and quickly revamp their training programs on the fly with our smart content management tools. Leveraging such people analytics data thus goes a long way for driving desired behaviors at the workplace and promoting organizational growth. 

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Let the Numbers Speak for Themselves 

More than 1.5M new users from 68 countries joined the Rallyware platform in 2020! This is already more than three times the number we pledged, and the number of our users only keeps growing. Add to this a 158% boost in productivity, and it becomes clear that companies are not satisfied with idly waiting for the economy to recover. Instead, we are seeing them utilize data-driven learning solutions that drive smart human capital management by boosting the workforce’s engagement, performance, and talent retention with a personalized learning experience for each individual.  

We helped our customers achieve these results by continuously improving our platform and making it more robust, thanks to the efforts of our engineering and product teams, who despite their hard work in these challenging times also made sure that their daily steps are not in the negative. With the help of our customer success team in the past year, we have published 3,472 new programs with our platform automatically having delivered 46,931,259 personalized learning and business activities – each tied to a very unique set of the individual’s goals and aspirations. We also focused on making our platform smarter by collecting and analyzing more data to help organizations drive desired behaviors at the workplace and enhance productivity at scale yet through a very personalized touch.   

Our Performance Enablement Platform is continuously evolving, and in 2020 we added new smart features and tools such as Incentives & Recognition. A data-driven rewards and recognition tool is essential for keeping the workforce engaged and motivated, and Rallyware’s platform has awarded 1,313,331 badges and certifications in 2020. Offering personalized rewards to encourage performance beyond monetary compensation is our way to help training leaders promote loyalty and engagement in their organizations while driving the culture of continuous learning. A cool fact – engagement also boosts productivity and can help bring on average 21% more profit for a company!

In this challenging year, Rallyware has gained and shared our unique industry experience in developing smart reskilling and upskilling programs thanks to our amazing Customer Success Team. And on Friday evenings during Covid, we stayed true to our geekiness and our obsession with smart gamification and played board games online! Who would have thought that we’d be so competitive over the good old Scrabble? By the way, we’d like to share that we opened new offices in Canada and Latin America and grew our team with more great members. Do you know talented and passionate training leaders? Don’t hesitate to let them know that we are growing fast and always on the lookout for talent.  

Driving Behavioral Change in 2021 – What Does the New Year Have in Store for Us?

Looking back at 2020, we are proud to say that we achieved a lot in driving the digital transformation of enterprises by helping them navigate workforce management more efficiently in the unstable business environment (and during those times we discovered more Zoom backgrounds than we thought possible). Our platform keeps improving with each day, assisting our clients in empowering their workforces, and we as a team never stop growing alongside it.

Rallyware is uniquely positioned to be an industry leader in personalized reskilling and upskilling initiatives that drive specific business KPIs. Over the years, we have been accumulating and analyzing large amounts of training and performance data to see which tasks and learning modules drive which kind of business outcomes. As a result, our smart platform automatically develops customized learning paths for each individual to help drive desired workforce behaviors.  

Rallyware has been making an impact on organizations all over the world in the last 8 years. And we are looking forward to finding new ways to support global enterprises in building an agile workforce resistant to market shifts and retaining competitive advantage in the ever-changing business environment that continues into 2021. 

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