Until now, engaging distributors has been very difficult

In the direct selling industry, a company’s success is determined by its ability to motivate its independent distributors to persevere through the work required to successfully build and grow their businesses. Unfortunately, only two out of every ten new recruits remain active twelve months after joining a direct selling company.

Introducing a groundbreaking solution for the entire field

With Rallyware, any direct selling company now can:



Drive every segment of their distributor base to take the right course of action.



Ensure that their distributors apply and act on what they learn from training materials.



Provide a digital experience that is on par with today’s most popular consumer apps.

Fully engaged distributors produce truly breathtaking results

Rallyware is a proven world-class direct selling software for companies to effectively onboard, train, and motivate their independent distributors in the field. As a result of implementing Rallyware, direct selling companies typically see:




increase in average distributor order size


increase in recruiting


increase in distributor retention


Social game-like experience drives field performance 

Rallyware inspires distributors to take specific actions to achieve tangible results. Our unique technology makes it rewarding and fun for distributors to continuously take the steps to achieve success at every stage of building and growing their businesses, starting from the very first moment they sign up with the company. These activities cover the entire range of the distributor’s lifecycle — from backoffice training to replicated site setup to booking parties to downline development and beyond!


Engagement programs lead every distributor to success

Rallyware comes with a suite of predefined engagement programs proven to achieve business objectives of any direct selling company. Programs start with simple tasks and progress to more advanced activities, allowing distributors to accumulate quick wins and grow their skills and confidence to take on the more challenging tasks required for building a successful business. From new distributor onboarding to upline leader development and new product introductions, our customers rely on Rallyware to drive a wide variety of corporate initiatives that require field participation.

Your Rallyware account manager will work with you to select, customize, and optimize the set of engagement programs that best achieves your business objectives. We will then continuously monitor performance of your programs and introduce refinements and optimizations that maximize the success of your distributor base.


Recognition inspires continuous engagement

Distributors earn points for each activity they complete and engage in peer-to-peer and team competitions based on their accomplishments. When distributors achieve significant milestones, Rallyware celebrates their accomplishments with virtual and/or real rewards and recognition. Every engagement program calibrates point values and rewards in a manner that optimizes participation and maximizes your company’s sales, recruiting, and retention.


Flexible community structure simplifies communication
Rallyware groups your distributor base into distinct communities that mirror your company’s genealogy thus allowing efficient communication within downlines and across the company. Uplines can easily communicate with their organizations, and corporate leaders can target their communication to specific segments of your distributor base such as certain ranks, regions, etc. Our system administration functionality makes it easy to protect your brand by ensuring compliance with your communication policies.


Real-time analytics empower uplines and company leaders

Our comprehensive suite of real-time reports and dashboards makes it easy for upline leaders to monitor their team’s progress and to identify who to mentor and energize at every step of their journey.

Corporate leaders can easily track performance and ROI of every specific field engagement initiative. In addition, Rallyware Analytics provide critical insights into the most effective tactics for improving the company’s key performance indicators.

Rallyware process: