How Tupperware Drove Consultant Sales With Actionable Gamification

How Tupperware Drove Consultant Sales With Actionable Gamification

Direct Selling
Sales Enablement
The Results
increase in sales in comparison to pre-platform adoption


increase in sales in comparison to pre-platform adoption

improvement of retention over 150-day periods


improvement of retention over 150-day periods

higher selling activity for active vs non-active users


higher selling activity for active vs non-active users

Company Overview

Tupperware Brands Corporation is a leading global company known for its innovative and functional product design in the kitchen and home product category. Established in 1946, Tupperware has been at the forefront of direct selling, empowering their sales consultants, predominantly women, to become successful entrepreneurs. Its brand is now a household name, with plastic containers for refrigerated storage often referred to as Tupperware even when they are not manufactured by the company itself. 

Tupperware has achieved global recognition and success through its direct selling model, which relies on personal interactions and in-home product demonstrations. This model has enabled the company to build a strong brand presence in over 80 countries, fostering deep connections with consumers. Key successes include:

  • Global Reach: Tupperware’s extensive network of over 3 million consultants.
  • Innovation in Product and Strategy: Continuously evolving product lines that meet consumer needs and preferences, often incorporating sustainable materials.
  • Empowerment through Opportunity: Providing entrepreneurial opportunities to individuals, particularly women, worldwide.

As Tupperware widens its global footprint, Tupperware Brazil, in particular, has grown quickly. Brazil is a rapidly expanding market with complex internal dynamics and limitless potential – potential which Tupperware Brazil is seizing by turning generations of Brazilians into independent business-builders, helping them redefine their lives. What follows is the story of how this company used innovative solutions to make that possible.


Despite its successes, Tupperware Brazil faced several challenges, most of which relate to the challenges faced by the direct selling industry writ large in the post-pandemic age. At this time, direct sellers needed to find new strategies of engaging, enabling, and retaining the field, while – or through – adapting to advances in AI and digital technologies. They needed to make a case for why distributors should be in the field today, considering the surfeit of other options they have available through gig platforms.

  • Digital Adaptation: Engaging today’s consultant and consumer with a shift towards online marketing and sales strategies.
  • Engagement and Retention: Keeping sales consultants motivated and reducing turnover rates, especially in a competitive gig economy.
  • Market Saturation and Competition: Competing in a crowded market with numerous direct and indirect competitors.

“The use of gamification has expanded in direct selling as technology has evolved. Our sales force has grown to expect these types of digital experiences.”

Gabriela Chaytor Gabriela Chaytor

Training Manager, Tupperware

Recognizing these challenges and field expectations, Tupperware Brazil became proactive in seeking innovative solutions to enhance the consultant experience, focusing on engagement, enablement, and retention through the adoption of the smart digital technology

In fact, they recognized, after conversations with technological experts and stakeholders in their own organization, that personalized and actionable gamification solutions would enable them to solve every one of their major challenges at once. For context, solutions use game-like elements, like badges, rewards, and progress markers, to drive and reinforce the productive consultant behaviors – the behaviors of high performers.


Tupperware Brazil partnered with Rallyware to introduce to their field an all-in-one platform designed to increase engagement, retention, and improve the consultant  experience through smart and actionable gamification. This platform would also help Tupperware stand out from competitors as well as gig companies, thus solving for all the company’s most vexing challenges at once.

This approach aimed to personalize the consultant experience by triggering the right activities at the right time, using Rallyware’s business rules and recommendations engine and real-time data to drive results, such as consultant engagement, sales productivity, and retention – those core company KPIs. They called this “gamification 2.0,” smart gamification elements automatically personalized for each individual. 

“Gamification 2.0 each consultant gets a personalized action just for them. For instance, if I need to reach my goals this month of, say, $300 worth of sales, then my app might send me a smart notification showing me a suggestion of an item that I should sell and maybe even the person I should sell that item to.”

Gabriela Chaytor Gabriela Chaytor

Training Manager, Tupperware

Implementation and Features:

The gamification 2.0 solution designed and implemented for Tupperware featured several components built to engage and motivate consultants on an individual level. Generally speaking, these tools served automatically personalized incentives or to-do activities for each user. This made it so that each recommendation for each specific user (activity, reward offer, goal progress notice, etc.) would relate to and motivate them uniquely based on their behaviors, goals, performance data, etc., all in one app. 

Tupperware Brazil and their technology partner found personalization to be essential to the process of gamification and sales enablement, in that it created key psychological motivators for the individual consultant accompanied by prescribed sales to-dos in order to achieve their goals. The delivery method for these personalized recommendations was most often smart push notifications. When consultants saw that the notifications with the suggested activities provided by the app related directly to their business-building goals – to their present sales and recruiting contexts – they became much more likely to open and act upon them. 

Based on data collected and aggregated by Rallyware, 212 million push notifications were delivered across the entire user base in a single year, with 97 million actions triggered to consultants and distributors. From that pool for users who interacted with personalized smart notifications, their sales to-do completion rate was 7.4x higher than those who ignored the notifications.  

The core gamification 2.0 features driving these results for Tupperware Brazil were:  

  • Progress Tracking: Consultants could now monitor their performance against personal goals as well as peers through an intuitive interface, encouraging continuous motivation and driving enablement.
  • Personalized Activity Triggers: Utilizing data-driven insights, the platform offered personalized suggestions and notifications to consultants about which steps to take to reach their goals. 
  • Real-Time Rewards: The platform facilitated instant gratification through digital rewards, such as badges, enhancing the satisfaction and motivation of consultants.

“The future of gamification involves smart triggers that show the consultants the right activity specifically for them at the right time, backed by algorithms, automation, and smart business rules.”

Gabriela Chaytor Gabriela Chaytor

Training Manager, Tupperware


Since implementing Rallyware’s gamification platform served as an app for the Tupperware Brazil consultants, Tupperware’s leadership has noted significant improvements across their KPIs:

  • Increased Sales and Productivity: Consultants engaged with the gamified platform have experienced a 460% increase in sales in comparison to pre-adoption, growth attributed to the motivational impact of smart gamification and personalized sales activities.
  • Enhanced Engagement: The platform’s user-friendly design and personalized gamification strategies have led to higher daily use among consultants on a consistent basis, fostering a more active and committed sales force.
  • Improved Retention Rates: By providing a more engaging and rewarding experience, Tupperware Brazil’s leaders have seen improved retention rates among consultants, crucial for maintaining a strong sales network. Overall, Rallyware’s smart gamification features have shown a boost in retention of around 81% over 150-day periods.

Building on the success of the Rallyware implementation, Tupperware Brazil now plans to further enhance its digital capabilities and explore new markets and demographic segments. This includes more advanced personalization of the consultant experience and expanded use of data analytics to tailor support and rewards to stimulate the right consultant behaviors.

Tupperware Brazil’s implementation of Rallyware represents a forward-thinking approach to overcoming traditional business challenges in direct selling. By focusing on personalized consultant engagement and utilizing advanced gamification techniques, Tupperware Brazil is setting a new standard in the industry for empowering a modern sales force. This strategy not only addresses the immediate needs of improving sales, engagement, and retention but also aligns with long-term goals of scalability and global expansion.