How a Latin American beauty company empowered its sale reps

How a Latin American beauty company empowered its sale reps

Beauty Company
Direct Selling
Engagement Onboarding Training
The Results
average sales growth per campaign for active users compared to non-active


average sales growth per campaign for active users compared to non-active

higher task completion rates for actively involved users versus non-active


higher task completion rates for actively involved users versus non-active

monthly growth of average sales within first three campaigns for newly enrolled active users compared to non-active


monthly growth of average sales within first three campaigns for newly enrolled active users compared to non-active

About the Client

Since 1967, this beauty company has inspired thousands of women worldwide with its simple, accessible business model, which appeals to those who possess an undeniable entrepreneurial drive.

This company maintains multiple factories and distribution centers spread across the globe, with products spanning makeup, fragrance and jewelry – including a jewelry design team in New York and an innovation lab in France. Based in Latin America, the company has expanded its community of more than 500,000 beauty entrepreneurs to nine countries.

The Challenge

The company found it essential to deliver valuable training and learning content to reps quickly and effectively, ensuring that reps took action consistently on helpful educational tasks.

The company’s leadership sought to:

  • Drive full task completion – motivate a number of reps to complete at least one task per campaign, promoting measurable progress
  • Increase engagement – drive the retention rate of reps per campaign, as well as the percentage of reps that generated a sale in the same campaign in which they completed a task, stimulating workforce growth
  • Provide a space for adequate tools and resources – grant reps access to reports available in the PEP platform, supplying a broad and deep pool of at-hand educational tools

Additionally, the company wanted a way of linking training and learning to sales – how could the impact of L&D initiatives be measured and tracked as they relate to sales performance?

The Solution

Rallyware worked with the company to develop a personal assistant and central digital experience to connect reps to their resources, tools, and support systems. Serving as an ‘official communications channel,’ custom notifications allowed for the company to send any type of notification to reps – such as a reminder to register for an upcoming webinar, or information regarding product discounts. A built-in chatbot enabled communication to flow bidirectionally, allowing reps to easily pose any questions and have them answered right away, automatically.

With a mobile-first approach, the company’s native, white-labeled app, supported by Rallyware’s technology, became highly popular among reps. This app allowed reps to learn, develop, and grow as entrepreneurs with a tap of their mobile device. The user-friendly platform offered clear, easy-to-follow steps directing reps on to the next step to maximize their business results, depending on their individual circumstances. For instance, the app might suggest they learn the basics of the company’s compensation plan, then set their unique business and financial goals. A simple process meant more engaged users.

One of reps’ favorite features was the PEP’s Digital Library – a built-in space for the company to host its high-value documents and resources, such as product catalogs and training manuals. For the company’s leaders and administrators, having access to rich reporting and up-to-the-minute analytics on their Digital Library was also critical. This meant being provided with insights into which files and materials reps found most useful. Which content was consumed the most? Which content the least?

The Results

What were the overall impacts of the company’s implementation of Rallyware? How did, and do, users like the platform? To answer these questions, Rallyware examined three consecutive campaigns and compared campaign sales results of all users with those users who enrolled during the first campaign.

Based on the number of tasks completed, users were split into five groups:

  • Non-active – users with 0 completed tasks or with no login;
  • Beginners – users who completed 1-24 tasks;
  • Active – users who completed 25-49 tasks;
  • Very active – users who completed 50-99 tasks;
  • Super – users who completed 100+ tasks.

Overall, we found active users to have performed significantly better in each campaign, in terms of enhanced sales performance and productivity. Here are some of our other key findings.

The most active PEP users demonstrated improved sales results in three consecutive campaigns. As an additional comparison, we looked at newly enrolled users who had no prior experience with the company and Rallyware’s PEP platform. We discovered that, compared to non-active users, those newly-enrolled active users doubled their sales growth in every further campaign. Such a finding indicates that new users are extra-engaged with the platform, perhaps because they are so close in time and emotional intensity to their reason for beginning to sell. It is thus important to engage users at the point of onboarding and make sure their experience exceeds expectations from there on.

PEP encouraged reps to aim for the sky, sending smart notifications each time an individual had an available task to complete. For instance, if the company launched a new line of fragrances, reps would be tasked to learn more about the new line by watching an associated webinar presentation and reviewing a product brochure. This intelligent alert system helped motivate reps to develop their line of business.

How effective are such smart notifications? To determine the usefulness of this tool, users were split into three groups: those who never opened notifications; those who opened them once, and those who opened them two times or more. Based on our analysis, newly enrolled users who were not skipping notifications earned 4.2x times higher task completion rates, compared to those who were not at all interacting with the notifications. For all users, this rate was 6.8X times higher.

Separate research results from Rallyware also pointed to the power of smart notifications, finding that these triggers drive sales productivity, allowing individuals to gain the necessary knowledge for their business growth at just the right moment.
For this company, Rallyware’s end-to-end unified experience comprised learning and development tools, incentives and recognition solutions, social media-like communication components, and more. This all-in-one experience allowed reps to seamlessly manage their sales and independent businesses more effectively. With its user-friendly interface, Rallyware continues to help the company’s reps make measurable, entrepreneurial, goal-based progress using the latest in data-driven PEP technology.

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