An innovative program for Samsung to drive engagement and learning

An innovative program for Samsung to drive engagement and learning

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The Results
more clubs registered


more clubs registered

more actively engaged participants


more actively engaged participants

challenge completion rate


challenge completion rate

Learning engagement reimagined

Rallyware created an innovative program to help Samsung engage and educate 200+ youth clubs around sustainability challenges.


  • Drive continuous nationwide engagement
  • Measure results of Corporate Social Responsibility (‘CSR’) initiatives
  • Generate high-value original user-created content 
  • Apply a unique and innovative approach to sustainability education

The Problem

Samsung Electronics America, a leading consumer electronics company, was looking for new and innovative approaches for its sustainability engagement programs. It partnered with a national youth club organization, Boys and Girls Clubs of America (‘BGCA’) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ENERGY STAR program to help educate boys and girls ages 11-13 about climate change. 

Specific Program Objectives

  • Solidify long-lasting partnership by developing a comprehensive program with BGCA instead of running one-off initiatives
  • Put metrics around CSR by being able to measure results and monitor the progress and outcomes of the program in real time
  • Increase impact by reaching a greater number of participants and moving them to not only learn but also actively tackle energy efficiency challenges
  • Promote the brand through association of energy efficiency with Samsung products

The Solution

Rallyware created a branded online platform called Climate Superstars. Through this platform, it ran a seven-week long competition with 1000+ participants from 200+ clubs around the nation and overseas. Replacing traditional educational materials, Rallyware enabled learning through interactive content with gamification functionality. Through the Rallyware system, the clubs could connect with one another, share their impressions and new discoveries, and ultimately have a really fun and intellectually challenging experience. 

“I truly enjoyed working with the team at Rallyware. They proved to be incredibly reliable, accessible, and fun. I look forward to collaborating with them again in the future.”

Katie Davies Katie Davies

Corporate Sustainability & Communications, Samsung

Climate Superstars kept the clubs engaged on a weekly basis with numerous impressions flooding in as they were learning and getting more excited, creative, and engaged.

Rallyware deliverables

  1. Developed branding, content, and interactive tasks
  2. Acted as independent contest judges
  3. Compiled weekly highlights reports
  4. Provided detailed metrics and analytics
  5. Ran email re-engagement campaigns

“Not only were Torch Club members participating in Climate Superstars but they involved other Club members, parents, other family members, and people in their communities – making the impact even greater!”

Eve Respess Eve Respess

Director, Character & Citizenship, Boys & Girls Clubs of America

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