Direct Sales Training Tools: Top 18 LXPs 2022

In January 2022, 4.3 million people quit their jobs. Though that’s a staggering number, it could represent an opportunity for direct sales. In fact, it’s quite possible that many of these people will be open to direct sales and the gig economy. Of course, the trick is to figure out how to keep them selling and growing once they get off the ground. 

In terms of retaining your sales force, research shows that the right training at the right time plays an undeniable role. As a matter of fact, distributors make progress with new training and knowledge. As a result, they then become more likely to further their journey in direct sales. The question is how to engage and evolve your workforce–and the answer lies in finding the right technology. 

Understanding the Top Corporate LXP Systems

Learning experience platforms, or LXPs, make it easy to engage distributors where they are and show them that their growth journeys are in their hands. No longer do you need to spend hours planning out enormously complicated training programs, either. Strong LXPs facilitate, automate, and drive that process for you, saving administrators time while boosting morale and results. 

Whether we’re talking internal training or direct sales learning, LXPs are modern marvels – helping hands for a more stable, more educated workforce.

Just a note, LXPs are sometimes referred to as LMSs – learning management software or systems. The more correct term, however, is LXP. These platforms use data, automation, and integrations to engage workforces and shape their behavior. 

You might be familiar with G2, a top ratings site for technology. If not, we suggest you check it out. Below, for your convenience, we’ve given brief looks into G2’s top 18 LXPs for 2022 – a guide for the LXP-curious. 

These systems are ranked here by ease-of-use, one of the most important categories for LXP implementation and adoption. After all – learning has to engage people, not turn them off. If a system isn’t easy to use, why would your workforce use it?

Best Learning Experience Platforms 2022

1. Continu

Continu is a learning platform designed for today’s workplace, built to train employees, customers, and third-parties.

Pros: Easy to use, strong UI

Cons: Some training modules overly long, minor UX issues

2. Auzmor Learn

Auzmor Learn is an LXP that lets you assign courses and track employee progress.

Pros: Customer support, mobile friendly, strong workflow

Cons: Not as gamified as similar products

3. Rallyware

Rallyware is a performance enablement platform that shows the right business activity for the right individual at the right moment, helping you onboard, train, and engage. 

Pros: Many integrations, high-quality dashboards, leader in direct sales behavior modification

Cons: Occasional bugs

3 top lxp
Comparing Top 3 Easiest-to-Use LXPs (Source: G2)

4. Learn Amp

Learn Amp is a people development platform for organizations ranging from large SMEs to enterprises.

Pros: Easy implementation, collaborative approach

Cons: Occasional UX issues

5. 360 Learning

360 Learning helps L&D teams promote learning and train individuals.

Pros: Skills mapping, good support

Cons: UX/UI design gaps

6. Learning Pool Suite

Learning Pool Suite supports learning initiatives for organizations.

Pros: Adaptable solutions, off-the-shelf learning modules

Cons: Could be more proactive in terms of market trends

7. Tovuti LMS

Tovuti LMS provides an all-in-one learning management software for e-learning.

Pros: Easy to create new content, easy interface

Cons: Highly priced compared to similar products

8. EdApp

EdApp is a microlearning LXP built for digital workplace education.

Pros: User friendly, strong support

Cons: Slow analytics, not as configurable as other solutions

9. Knolyx

Knolyx provides e-learning for corporate workplaces.

Pros: Solid UI, gamification

Cons: Not as customizable as other platforms

10. Docebo

Docebo’s Learning Suite helps global organizations address learning challenges head-on.

Pros: Intuitive to use, flexible white labeling

Cons: Lacks some features, hiccups in UX

11. Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS enables you to train employees, customers, partners, and other stakeholders.

Pros: Robust functionality, responsible support

Cons: Gaps in reports and dashboards

12. Cornerstone Learning

Cornerstone gives you access to e-learning tools at scale.

Pros: Integrations, well-laid-out UI

Cons: Implementation problems occasionally, options sometimes overwhelming

13. Bridge

Bridge is an employee development platform that combines learning, performance, career development, and other tools.

Pros: Solid performance, 24/7 availability for support

Cons: Lacking some gamification and customization

14. EdCast

EdCast furnishes a cloud-based learning management platform.

Pros: Large content libraries, easy content delivery

Cons: Not as easily usable as other solutions

15. NovoEd

NovoEd’s technology builds capabilities in organizations with learning and collaboration tools.

Pros: Seamless UX, flexible content

Cons: Not as many integrations as similar solutions

16. Degreed

Degreed helps organizations with workforce upskilling. 

Pros: Good task tracking, clean interface

Cons: Reporting less powerful than other platforms, challenging to alter content

17. OpenSesame

OpenSesame lets you develop higher-performing workforces.

Pros: Robust content, concise courses

Cons: Deficiencies in some content, sometimes too many choices

18. HowNow

HowNow provides a one-stop-shop learning platform.

Pros: Dynamic UX, good integrations

Cons: Difficult to use at times, complex credentialing

While these are the top corporate LXPs, the best choice for your organization depends on your specific needs: who will be using the platform; how much customization and configuration you require; the number of others tools you use; how much gamification should be possible; etc. Overall, attend to these questions as you reach a decision. As a matter of fact, large part of technology decision making is just asking the right questions at the right time.

Feel free to dive into Rallyware’s reviews, ratings, and comparisons in more detail on the G2 website. As mentioned in our top 18 LXPs guide, Rallyware triggers personalized learning and business tasks at the exact moment they will be most useful to the individual, and to the enterprise writ large. If you have any unresolved questions about how Rallyware’s gamified performance enablement platform serves the learning needs of your enterprise, don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a personalized demo