A Statement of Solidarity with the Ukrainian People

Update: March 21st, 2022 – Rallyware continues to deliver our Ukrainian team and their families to safety. Thankfully, all of our team members are currently accounted for, and almost all are safe. In more good news, we have been able to find second countries for permanent relocation for many of the Rallyware team members who are able and willing to leave the country. We ask that you continue to keep them in your thoughts and hopes and, if possible, donate to Ukrainian military aid here.

The city of Kharkiv, which has been a home to the Rallyware team in Ukraine, is top of mind. Civilians there are in grave danger, with Russian occupying forces bombarding the city continually, even as Ukrainians mount a courageous defense. It is worth noting that Putin’s soldiers are assaulting the city mostly with rockets and bombs, an especially cruel way to prosecute this war, and one that is almost certainly liable to lead to preventable non-combatant casualties. 

Rallyware also mourns the city of Mariupol, one of the most heavily Russian-speaking cities in Ukraine. The Russian military has trapped hundreds of thousands of people inside the city without food or any basic means of subsistence. This is where Russia committed another horrendous crime against humanity. A Russian plane knowingly dropped a 500-kiliogram bomb on a theater that sheltered more than 1,000 people. The death toll in Mariupol is currently thousands of civilians, including many children. Rallyware’s team members have parents and family members in Mariupol, and they report that the situation is so dire that residents have to eat snow and burn wood in order to survive. Just three weeks ago none of us could have imagined that such atrocities could exist in our lifetimes.  

We must continue to condemn this war in the strongest terms possible. We must continue to resist and fight the evil, and punish everyone responsible for these war crimes.

A global organization with a strong presence in Ukraine, Rallyware stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people in their struggle to maintain their sovereignty and live in peace. 

Further, we pledge to protect our Ukrainian team now and into the future, along with all our team members worldwide. As a global enterprise, we have long maintained a business continuity plan and, before the current crisis began, had drafted emergency measures for worst-case scenarios. Following these plans, we are helping our team members and their families make their way to safety. We appreciate our clients, partners, friends, and social networks who have sent well-wishes for these team members, many of whom have asked how they can help aid Ukrainian self-defense. We have shared a number of aid-related links below.

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Led by Ukrainian-American founders, Rallyware has teams in Ukraine, the United States, Canada, Peru, Argentina, and other locations. Rallyware is proud to have Ukrainian roots–a connection to a long history of resistance and victory under duress. We are proud of our Ukrainian team, who remain confident, resilient, and strong in spite of conditions which seem calculated only to add to the global uncertainty of the past two years. Against Vladimir Putin’s savage act of cowardice, our Ukrainian employees, and the Ukrainian people more generally, present us with an example of all that humanity can be. For that, though we would never wish for these circumstances, we are grateful to them.  We are also grateful for the countless business contacts, stakeholders, and friends who have reached out and expressed their concern and empathy. 

Clients of Rallyware should rest assured that Rallyware’s infrastructure and business operations remain intact–as strong, agile, and responsive as ever. Lines of communication are stable and robust, while our solutions themselves remain unaffected both in quality and delivery. 

As a global business, we proudly stand for democracy, freedom, and self-determination for the nations of the world. Short of dividing the global community, as Putin wished to do, he has instead brought us closer together. As nearly the entire world moves in lockstep against aggression, Rallyware is no exception. Our organization’s bonds are stronger than ever, and our response to this horror can only make us sharper, smarter, and swifter in responding to uncertainty in the future. 

For those seeking to support the cause of helping Ukraine, please see a list of suggestions below. Return here in the future to see a regularly-updated list of support resources for Ukrainian aid. 

Medical Aid:

Leleka Foundation 

Donate to medical supplies and first aid kits (focused on serving Kyiv and the Kyiv area right now)

Razom for Ukraine

Donate to tactical medical training and emergency response in Ukraine

Revived Soldiers Ukraine

Donate to treatment of the wounded and the provision of hospitals

United Help Ukraine

Donate to the Life-saving medical supplies to Ukraine’s front lines

Humanitarian Aid: 

Cash for Refugees

Direct cash payments to Ukrainian refugees

Nova Ukraine

Donate to humanitarian aid to Ukraine

Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA)

Donate to humanitarian efforts



Petition to Divest from Russia

Military Aid: 

National Bank of Ukraine

Donate to a special account at the National Bank of Ukraine for funding the Ukrainian military forces