Companies worldwide face the challenge of onboarding, training, and continuously engaging their workforces. In the recent years, workforce engagement has become the biggest competitive differentiator in business.

Rallyware empowers its customers across the globe, such as Samsung, Mary Kay, and many others, to coach, train, and motivate their people through personalized scalable engagement programs that achieve higher sales, faster employee onboarding, increased participation in corporate initiatives, and other business objectives. Our groundbreaking mobile and web platform drives online and offline activities by creating a game-like social user experience.

Rallyware first began at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with the core idea of automating and scaling engagement through technology. Our first customer was a major political organization in Washington, DC, that was looking for a way to get students across 2,000+ college campuses to develop relationships with their legislators and to advocate on the organization’s behalf. The results were phenomenal – broader participation, increased activity levels, emergence of power advocates, and many others.

In just a few months, we expanded the capabilities of our products and engagement programs to address the engagement needs of dozens of enterprises and membership networks, direct selling companies and nonprofits, retailers and political campaigns.

Increasing workforce engagement is a huge growth opportunity for almost any company or organization, and we are empowering the enterprise to capture this opportunity through the use of our platforms and programs.