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Drive engagement, sales productivity, and retention with AI-powered gamification

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Drive sales productivity with leaderboards, points, and badges

Incentivize and motivate your sales force through automated, gamified technology that encourages the most effective behaviors, utilizing each individual's performance data to see an average 47% boost in sales force engagement.

Maximize sell-through with gamified microlearning

Engage your sales team through the medium they respond to best: interactive, digital microlearning. Provide access to flexible on-demand learning and training options to cultivate a workforce that consistently captivates and impresses customers, resulting in an average 51% increase in sales post-training.

Scale customer loyalty by driving intrinsic engagement

Help your sales force deliver exceptional customer experiences and compel repeat purchases by employing gamified Customer Relationship Management. Foster friendly competition through leaderboards and personalized rewards to drive intrinsic sales force motivation and see an average 32% increase in sales force productivity.

Centralize the Sales Force Experience (SFX) to increase retention

Empower your sales force easily to upskill, access onboarding materials, track their progress, and much more, all in one centralized SFX powered by panoptic data and multiple integrations. Eliminate the challenges of managing multiple platforms, and see an average 141% increase in long-term sales associate retention.

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