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Raise the bar for sales and in-store CX with AI-enabled task management

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Performance Enablement Hub

Provide an all-in-one experience for each associate, with smart to-dos driving sell-through in the flow of work.

Sales Incentives & Gamification

Boost tasking and sales performance with visualized goal progress per seller.


Help the frontline deliver the most robust in-store experiences with smart CRM tools.


Connect frontline and managerial employees across stores, departments, and shifts with communication tools.

Learning & Development

Enable associates for the strongest possible sell-through with automatically personalized knowledge content.


Equip corporate leaders for the unpredictability of market and consumer behaviors with real-time data, analytics, and reports.

Tool Consolidation

Bring together multiple tools under one company-branded app experience.

Data Integration

Use external frontline data integrations to drive the most productive sales behaviors.

Brand Collaboration

Leverage your network of brand partners to jointly support content creation and distribution.


Faster Sales Force Onboarding


Improved Sales Force Engagement


Increased Sales Force Productivity


Higher Sales Force Retention