If your organization is not onboarding talent the right way, you are driving them away

What we all want from work is to be valued members of a winning team on an inspiring mission.
Graham Weston
Co-founder & Chairman, Rackspace
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Want to learn why onboarding is a crucial step in talent development?

Onboarding will be effective if you:

  • Let employees hit the ground running from day #1.
  • Make employees feel like they belong.
  • Get the whole team involved to provide streamlined communication.
  • Set a clear path for employee integration into their job role.
  • Make sure employees know their potential career roadmap.
  • Offer various opportunities for continuous learning and development.

First impressions count. In fact, new employees decide whether they feel at home at a company within theĀ first three weeks, with 4% quitting their job after the first day.